The ‘All Skills’ Learner Scoring Manual (ARP)


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The Essential for Living ‘All Skills’ Learner Scoring Manual, also called The ARP (The Assessment and Record of Progress), permits users to record learner performance on skill assessments and subsequent learner progress on any skill that is part of the instrument. Small increments of progress that are part of acquisition, generalization, and maintenance of specific skills can be monitored over a 10-15 year period of time. Progress with respect to problem behaviors and the supports these behaviors require can also be monitored over long periods of time.

Each teacher, case manager, speech-language pathologist, or behavior analyst will need an Essential for Living Professional Practitioner’s Handbook and each learner will require an Essential for Living ‘All Skills’ Learner Scoring Manual or an Essential for Living ‘Essential Eight Skills’ Learner Scoring Manual.

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