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Essential for Living is the most innovative and comprehensive functional skills curriculum, assessment, and teaching manual on the market today. The Essential for Living Professional Practitioner’s Handbook is designed for verbal and non-verbal children and adults of all ages with moderate-to-severe intellectual or developmental disabilities, including, but not limited to, autism. It is also designed for children and adults with multiple handicaps, including those who are deaf and blind or medically fragile. It is currently used by teachers, transition coordinators, case managers, speech-language pathologists, and behavior analysts in public school classrooms, school-to-adult transition programs, private schools, and ABA centers, along with vocational and residential programs.

For states that require strict adherence to the Common Core State Standards, Essential for Living is linked to these standards and provides a comprehensive list of functional Common Core Connectors.

The Essential for Living Professional Practitioner’s handbook will begin by shaping ‘what you teach’ and continue by shaping ‘how you teach.

Each teacher, transition coordinator, case manager, speech-language pathologist, or behavior analyst will need an Essential for Living Professional Practitioner’s Handbook and each learner will require an Essential for Living ‘All Skills’ Learner Scoring Manual or an Essential for Living ‘Essential Eight Skills’ Learner Scoring Manual.

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